Massage Therapy

A course in Beauty Therapy and Massage Therapy teaches you about more than just the basics of the massage industry. You also get to learn more advanced skills and knowledge on running your own business. With Skills Academy, you study via distance learning which offers you many benefits as a student.

Explore all that the beauty industry has to offer and sign up for a beauty course, these courses not only offer you knowledge and skills in the industry but you have a range of courses to choose from.

a massage therapist applying a clay mask on a clients back

What does a Massage Therapist Do?

As a massage therapist, you can expect to deal with many different clients who all have specific needs. People go to massage therapists for many reasons but mostly to get massages that help them relax.

They also provide healing and soothing treatments to people with injuries, certain illness that affect the muscles and those who need oil treatments.

As a massage therapist it is important to have the correct tools and products that you need to perform your job well. It is important to ensure your customers are supported, safe and happy with your services.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are many benefits to following this field in the beauty industry. If you are passionate about providing a service of healing to people, you may thrive here.

You can get registered as a professional massage therapist. This will help you with proving that you are qualified and can therefore get more clients.

Open your own business. Being an independent massage therapist gives you the opportunity to decide how where you will work from and what kind of business you want to run. You can also work in many industries that need massage therapy like spas, cruise ships and even hotels.

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