What Can I Study?

There are many institutions to choose from when looking for a place to study and even more courses, this question has continued to plague many students after completing grade 12, and even more, adults who find themselves looking for better opportunities long after they finish high school.

Oftentimes students who come across this dilemma either have very low matric results which meant they couldn’t qualify for the course they’ve been planning to study all throughout high school or they never even managed to obtain their matric certificate for one reason or another.

Many institutions provide courses for students like this that are designed to give them the opportunity to further their education and increase their chances of finding employment.

Courses I Can Study Without Grade 12 Certificate

There are plenty of Courses you can study without a Matric Certificate. One such group of courses is ICB Course. This group of courses was developed by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. 

These courses are meant to provide students with skills and knowledge in Bookkeeping, Accounting and business management, allowing students to continue to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Office Administration Courses:

Bookkeeping And Accounting Courses:

Business Management Courses:

Courses To Study After Receiving a Matric Certificate

Students who have a matric certificate can consider studying NATED courses. These are National Qualification courses that provide students with a National Diploma Level qualification, work experience and high-demand skills and knowledge which will increase their employability.

NATED Courses:

 Educare Courses:

Management Assistant Courses:

Human Resource Management Courses:

Financial Management Courses:

Business Management Courses:

Marketing Management Courses:

Legal Secretary Courses:

Which Institutions Offer These Courses?

There are various institutions that offer these courses

Author : Pabalelo Tladi
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Published Date: August 4, 2022